What is Pre-Construction & Why Its Is Important For Any Project?

What is Pre-Construction?

Pre-construction is the initial phase of the project to determine the entire scope of the project, time schedule, contractors, and consultants to complete the project successfully. After reading this article, you will be able to sort out all the necessary information required for the pre-construction checklist and gain more knowledge about construction processes.

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concrete slump test

Concrete Slump Test | Cone Slump Test | Procedure of Test

The concrete slump test is also known as the slump cone test of fresh concrete. It is the easiest way to determine the workability & consistency of fresh concrete prior to pouring. The values obtained from the concrete slump test helps to correct the concrete mix according to the workability required. The concrete slump test can be carried out in the lab as well as on the construction site.

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Building construction process

How Building Construction Process Works? | Basic Construction Guide 2022

The Building Construction process varies from one structure to another, based on requirements, size, the complexity of structure, building function, building materials, and execution of the project.

There are few other factors, such as soil type, weather conditions, construction material availability, availability of local skilled and unskilled workers, and sufficient construction tools to execute the project. These factors would affect the building construction process.

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lap length

What is Lap Length | Why Lap Length is Provide | 2 Safe Methods to Calculate Lap Length

Lap length is provided to overlap two rebars in the structural elements such as Columns, Beam and Slab. Lap length is often confused with Development Length. But in fact, both terminologies are different and used in different locations.

During the construction process, rebar length may not be sufficient to cover the length of structure length, in this case, we overlap do rebars to get the desired results, the length of two rebars lapping each other is called lap length.

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perimeter wall

What is Perimeter Wall | Top 10 Perimeter wall Designs in 2021

Perimeter wall is an architectural engineering and real estate term that indicates the external boundary walls of a building or a structure. These walls separate the outside elements from the internal environments, providing security and privacy from the intruders. 

Many firms adopted modern technologies to develop a comprehensive perimeter wall system that is easy to install and repair, and provides a clear solid look after completion. These products have distinguished properties of being environmentally friendly, fireproof, water-resistant, provides a sound barrier, Mold/mildew resistant, and termite-proof.

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