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Modern Main Gate Design 2021

If your home’s curb appeal is great and provides a cool first impression, then everyone might interest to see what’s inside looks like. The simple way to boost your curb appeal is the stunning fence and a modern main gate design. A great home design will showcase the main elements of your home such as the main building and your amazing lawn.

Front gates are purposely built and installed to provide privacy and security to your home. Modern gates blend well into the structure and the style of your home and complement its vicinity. Here we are providing some modern main gate design ideas that are trending in 2021 to inspire your own.

Modern Main Gate Design Ideas

These are our Selected best main gate design ideas for great curb appeal.

1. Modern Main Gate Design –  Swing Gate

This design is based on the Swing date and can be adopted into the sliding gate as well. it is suitable for the length of up to 4m. Because of its contemporary looks, it provides refreshing looks to curb appeal. dark colors such as black and brown look more pretty with this design. this gate can be cast with cast aluminum and steel. for we prefer to cast aluminum for being cost-efficient. this design is also suitable for the two-component gate system of the main gate and pedestrian gate.

main gate designs

2. Modern Main Gate Design – Swing Gate

Swing Gates are another great main gate type for facility entrance and provide great looks to our home. it can be operated Manually, electronically, and mechanically. swing gates are generally suitable for spaces bigger than 4m. because these types of gate elements can be folded at will. for the casting of these gates, cast aluminum is recommended because of the cost efficiency and lightweight properties.


main gate designs

3.  Modern Main Gate Design- Compact Gate

This Gate is suitable for a compact place of up to 4 m space available for the main gate. the gate is hinged between two strong RCC columns. the pedestrian gate is provided in the homogenous frame.  this type of compact gate features strong design elements and is suitable for sliding. black, dark silver colors are suitable for such types.

Modern Main Gate Design

4. Modern Main Gate Design – Light Weight Grill Type

This Gate is based on grill design and can be cast with Cast Aluminum. it is based on two components of the main gate and pedestrian gate and is supported by three RCC columns. because of its two-component design, a separated car ramp can be built for the easy movement of cars. the stairs are mandatory if the finishing floor level is more than +15 cm. these types of gates are cost-effective and suitable for less privacy-required homes.

Modern Main Gate Design

5.Modern Main Gate Design – Swing Gate Light Weight

Our fifth selected design is very sleek and provides a contemporary look to our home. this gate is cast with cast aluminum and fitted with wood planks on both sides. this gate is suitable for a width of up to 6 m because of its ability to joint 4 sections. as we can see in the picture, this gate is cast in 4 sections the middle two sections can be used for pedestrian entrance, the gate can be open to full width if required.

Modern Main Gate Design

we presented our 5 main design ideas for our readers that lightweight, sleek, easy to use, and easy to maintain. because the main gates are so eternal parts of our homes we can not buy or replace them every other day. that is why when we have to make choice, we have to choose a gate which can be maintained, easy to use and provides great looks to our home.  we will be updating this article regularly to add more designs of gates that are used around the world.

Modern Main Gate Design

Modern Main Gate Design

Modern Main Gate Design





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