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What is Perimeter Wall | Top 10 Perimeter wall Designs in 2021

Perimeter wall is an architectural engineering and real estate term that indicates the external boundary walls of a building or a structure. These walls separate the outside elements from the internal environments, providing security and privacy from the intruders. 

Many firms adopted modern technologies to develop a comprehensive perimeter wall system that is easy to install and repair, and provides a clear solid look after completion. These products have distinguished properties of being environmentally friendly, fireproof, water-resistant, provides a sound barrier, Mold/mildew resistant, and termite-proof.

Modern perimeter walls have the following features:

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Environment-Friendly Materials

Perimeter walls can be produced with eco-friendly minerals, during the production phase, minerals, steel, and green cement are cast to produce our eco-friendly perimeter concrete walls.

Perimeter Walls

Fire Resistant

If there is a requirement for fire safety, perimeter walls can be produced with materials such as magnesium during the production phase,  which is classified as fire-resistant material. Perimeter walls built with magnesium provide an adequate fire protection barrier to ensure the safety of the premises.

Waterproof Assurance

Perimeter walls produced with new technology are water-resistant and all-weather use.  Water sealants are provided and leave no gap open, so the water can not be leaked. Before the production, concrete wall samples are taken to the laboratory to assure the quality of the product, when the specifications are passed from the lab, then proceed for mass production of walls.

Sound Barrier

Another feature of Perimeter walls is designed and produced to absorb and deflect the sound and provide a solid sound barrier to the residents from noise pollution and ensure privacy. Each panel can be consolidated without any gaps providing a solid surface.

Mold Resistant

Modern technology enabled us to produce perimeter walls that are designed to resist mold/ mild effects. Research shows that the built environment has its own share of mold and most of the activity inside the structure is because of external mold presence. Before purchasing, we must ensure that walls are properly QA/QC checked by the Quality Control Team.

Termite Proof

Precast ready to install concrete walls, perimeter walls, and privacy walls must be termite-proof, termite proofing is the science to provide a chemical barrier to the structure to prevent the termite activity. Termite proofing can be done before or after the installation of wall elements.

Top 10 Modern Perimeter Wall design

The following designs are the top 10 designs for the category of Modern Perimeter wall.

1. This is a very unique modern perimeter wall design, and suitable for a large section of luxury villas boundary walls. The boundary wall is decorated with a hollow section in the front elevations with dummy columns and decorative columns head, grooves are made in plaster. large decorative elements are made from plaster of paris.

modern perimeter wall design

2. This design is very simple yet very unique and modern, it is made of bricks and tempered glass, this type of design is suitable for very fancy villas, where our aim is to show the exterior of the villa building.

modern perimeter wall design

3.  this kind of perimeter wall aims to provides more privacy to the residents and decent looks to the compound wall.  it can be decorated with various designs while plastering.

modern perimeter wall design

4.  This is another type of modern perimeter wall design with minimal construction and decent design features. this kind of shape requires more concrete works rather than masonry works.

modern perimeter wall

5. This kind of wall provides decent curb appeal and adds value to the main building. it is made by RCC and cast iron grill. It focuses more on design features rather than privacy. such types of perimeter walls can be decorated with various elements made from plaster of paris.

modern perimeter wall

6. This Design can be adopted in Cast in Situ Construction, There are Columns Provided every 3-meter length, and top beams, the front is decorated with a contemporary stone finish and the cavity is provided in the front elevation, to mark the separation and provide a decent look.

Perimeter walls design

7. Very Simple Perimeter wall design with columns every 2 meters to provide more strength and stability. inner walls can be cast with concrete or masonry blocks, height is 2.5 m. once the structural work completes, you can plaster and paint of your choice.


8. Modern design where the wall is constructed with large blocks above beams and painted antiquely to provide the best contrast look.

9.  This Design offers a Unique Design mix of Tiles and Water Proof Paint Scheme. you can install different tiles sizes with a variety of colors.

perimeter wall

10. This Desing is Very Simple and Provides a very Clean and Energetic Look to your home. the wall finishing is plaster with epoxy paint. you can choose the paint of your choice and according to your color scheme in contrast.

perimeter wall

Final Words

There are a variety of Perimeter wall designs available. moreover, many companies are producing perimeter walls in their factories, but the most efficient and engineered way is to construct or install a wall according to your needs and budget, which can provide good looks, security at an affordable price.





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