What Is Rebar Detailing and Rebar Estimation Works?

Rebar Detailing is a procedure of preparing the shop drawings for the steel reinforcement, the purpose of Rebar Detailing is to make the work procedure inflow on an under-construction site by providing them accurate and ready to fix rebars.

The Rebar Detailing procedure integrates the position of bars, bending schedule of shapes, numbers of rebars, description of works, overlapping schedule of rebars. The Rebar Detailing Shop Drawings are prepared to incorporate the spacing of bars, area, rebar size (thickness), and lap of steel.

rebar detailing

The person who carried out this Job is Called Rebar Detailer, a rebar detailer is responsible for the creation of drawings for steel fixers or placers, rebar detailing drawings are based on the structural drawings of various buildings components. because a structural drawing is complex and not easy to understand for less technical persons like steel fitters or site foremen, so there we need to detail interpretations of drawings provided by rebar detailers.

Rebar Detailing included:

  • Foundation rebar details
  • Beams Rebar Details
  • Columns Rebar Details
  • Stair Rebar Details
  • Slab Rebar Details
  • Retaining Wall Details
  • Roof Truss Details
  • Shop Drawings details
  • As-Built Drawings details

Rebar Takeoff and Rebar Estimation

rebar takeoff and estimations works Estimators use two systems to take-off quantities, the first one is the English system which is commonly referred to as the imperial system, and the metric system. However, in the USA, it uses an imperial system of measurement. furthermore, It depends on the project’s requirements which system shall be adopted. There are three primary methods of quantity take-off, Manual Method, digital Method, and Al Powered estimation software.

rebar estimation

Manual Rebar Take Off

When cost estimators manually take off rebar quantities, they go through the project contract and contract drawings, specifications, shop drawings, and scope of work. To calculate the quantities they utilize excel spreadsheets. Manual quantity take-off is a very basic level of estimation, therefore, the estimator must be able to read the drawings, scope of work, specification in the contract, and then take off quantities. The cost estimator also needs to have attention to the details to make the calculation sheet as accurate as possible.

Digital Take Off Methods

1. On Screen Take Off Technology

By using on-screen take-off technology, we can digitalize the construction drawings, this allows the estimators to digitally take off the required quantities without printing the drawings, the digital drawings can be exported in various formats such as dwg, dwf, bip and tif. On-screen technology can also incorporate estimation software.

On-screen technology can help us to reduce human errors by incorporating algorithms, On-Screen Takeoff Technology’s key features are, auto count objects, multi condition take off, overlay style sheets, and templates.

2. Digitizers for Quantity Takeoff

In this method of estimation, estimators use various types of digital and electronic devices to take off the quantities, these electronic devices are called digitizers, there are two types of digitizers, known as sonic and tablet digitizers. These devices enable the estimators to take-off quantities from the shop drawings by scanning the drawings, once the information is completely captured by the digitizer device, it is then compiled in the sophisticated software, which can quickly extract the data from the device and transfer it to the estimation software, the estimating software can be directly operated from the digitizer.


3. AI-Powered Quantity Take OFF

AI Quantity take-off and estimating is the newest model of cost estimating services. This model utilizes the artificial intelligence and experience of cost estimators at the same time.  In this method, plans and details are uploaded to an online management system, once the details are received, the experienced estimators review the details and apply complex AI algorithms to take off the quantities. In this method the process is speedup to the friction of time, enabling contractors to bid faster and have chances to win the projects. The most popular software use for this purpose is Called BIM ( Building Information Modeling).





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