vacuum concrete

Vacuum Concrete | Application of Vacuum Concrete | Advantages of Vacuum Concrete | Vacuum Concrete Process

Vacuum Concrete is the type of concrete where excess water is removed by vacuum pressure after the concrete pressure in the structure. Water cement ratio is always crucial for concrete, therefore, we always enforce the proportional value of water and cement to achieve higher strength.

The chemical process of cement with water requires a wc ratio of less than 0.38, whereas the adopted wc ratio is much higher because of the workability requirements.

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concrete slump test

Concrete Slump Test | Cone Slump Test | Procedure of Test

The concrete slump test is also known as the slump cone test of fresh concrete. It is the easiest way to determine the workability & consistency of fresh concrete prior to pouring. The values obtained from the concrete slump test helps to correct the concrete mix according to the workability required. The concrete slump test can be carried out in the lab as well as on the construction site.

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