What is Pre-Construction & Why Its Is Important For Any Project?

What is Pre-Construction?

Pre-construction is the initial phase of the project to determine the entire scope of the project, time schedule, contractors, and consultants to complete the project successfully. After reading this article, you will be able to sort out all the necessary information required for the pre-construction checklist and gain more knowledge about construction processes.

Importance of Pre-Construction

An adequate pre-construction process lays the foundation for the project’s success. One of the critical elements for a successful construction project is the selection of a project team. This includes engineering consultants, cost consultants, quality control consultants, general contractors, specialized contractors, and sub-contractors for special jobs.

Early involvement with the constructions partners allows the project owner to benefit from the feasibility, construction methods, materials, and previous experience of the contractor. Important decisions can be made to maximize the project efficiency and overcome any potential obstacles during the execution phase.

The best contractor firm offers more value during the pre-construction stages, offering schedule, budget, and design inputs before any physical activity starts on the construction site.

Pre-construction process outline


During the pre-construction phase, the client, engineering consultant, and design consultant will sit together to draw a project outline to successfully complete the project. Following are the essential components of the project.

  1. Scope of Project
  2. Budget
  3. Designs
  4. Construction Team
  5. Materials
  6. Permits


Scope of Project

This is the initial discussion to define the project. During this phase, all the involved parties determine what they are trying to accomplish. In this stage, there will be a lot of discussions held between the project owner and the engineering team to finalized the design, schedule, finishing, and other aspects to successfully complete the project.

Project Budget

Once the scope of the project is decided, and all the goals are set. The team needs to figure out the project budget. The engineering team works on the design to estimate the cost information. in this stage, the initial BOQ is prepared to figure out the cost.

Project Designs & Details

The clear scope of work and budget provides a green signal to the design team to proceed with the final layout and designs and finalized the style, quality of construction, and building materials, and other necessary project details. Once the construction drawing is created and approved by the team, a project team should be assembled, and phase the construction schedule.

Construction Team

The formation of a construction team that will run the project is formidably important for any scale of the project. The contractor’s role is as important as the design and engineering team, because, what is designed by the engineering team on the paper the contractor will cast it into reality. The contractor is also responsible for identifying potential sub-contractors based on their working capability and previous profile.

Materials & Procurement

To procure approved construction materials on time have a high impact on the project and can even make or break the project. The contractor is responsible to prepare the list of all materials to be used in the project in the preliminary phase of the project. And submit it to the engineering consultant for approval as per the specifications.

Once the materials are approved by the engineer, it requires special attention and close collaboration of the procurement team with site engineers for early ordering. The procurement schedule should be prepared according to the overall construction schedule to maximize construction efficiency and ensure proper delivery.

Some materials such as steel, cement, sand should be ordered in bulk on a monthly basis, and other materials should be procured according to the schedule.

Construction Permits & checklists

Construction permits are required to execute the project under the local municipality law. During the pre-construction phase, a construction permit shall be obtained, and a demarcation permit shall be obtained to start the excavation. if there is a requirement for special permits to obtain, it must be mentioned in the checklist.

The pre-construction phase checklist provides a detailed overview of the steps to be followed in order to get the permits and permission for igniting the construction project. Make sure all the boxes are checked before the groundbreaking.


Pre-Construction Check List

Here is the list of pre-construction checklists:

  • The initial meeting between the owner and the engineering office to discuss the scope of work, the initial design concept.
  • Design stages where owner and engineer meet and finalize the plans.
  • Cost estimating to know the cost of the project and initial bidding.
  • Preparation of scope of work outline.
  • Identify any potential problems in the designs and preparation of feasibility reports.
  • Scope of value engineering 
  • Site Inspection 
  • Soil test reports to prepare the structural drawings.
  • Checking for any existing structures and utilized on the construction site.
  • Preparation of list of equipment required for construction
  • Green building requirements in the designs
  • Project Life-cycle report
  • Outlining possibilities for both client and contractor.
  • Obtaining Permits from the designated authorities.






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